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Build your own “Cancel Incident” task for Cireson self-service portal

Most of our customers replaced the out of the box, Silverlight based Service Manager portal with a more lightwight, more flexible, HTML5 based 3rd party solution. Some of them are using the Cireson Self-Service Portal to enhance their Service Manager environments. The Cireson Portal is a complete replacement of the Microsoft Self-Service Portal for Service Manager. But Cireson is not the only company offering a replacement for the Service Manager portal. Other Self-Service portal solutions are offered by Syliance as well as Cased Dimensions.

But for this post I will concentrate on the Cireson portal, escpecially on the functionality which allows you to create custom tasks for work item forms. Based on a Cireson support article I created a custom task which enables endusers to cancel an active Incident.

Cancel Incident Task

Basically the following steps are necessary to create a custom task for the Cireson Self-Service portal:

  • Define custom task in CustomSpace/custom.js
  • Add any custom HTML templates your CustomSpace directory

The second step is optional but in order to give your custom task a richer UI you can define HTML templates that your custom task can use. Just add a new HTML file in your CustomSpace directory or in a subdirectory of CustomSpace. You will later have to specify the exact path in your custom.js file.

Creating a custom task for the Cireson portal requires some JavaScript and HTML knowledge. But Cireson did a good job in explaining the details on how to create a custom task which makes it pretty easy to create your own tasks. Even if you don’t have a deep knowledge in JavaScript 🙂 And if you have any questions about how to create a task or if you are stuck somewhere with your code, I am pretty sure the Cireson guys are happy to help!

The task is designed to support multiple languages. When using localized strings, you can referr to predefined localization strings or of course create your own in the localization settings of the Cireson portal. For my task to work properly you will have to define a new localization string with Key CancelIncident and translate it for each language supported by your portal installation.

Add Localization Cancel Incident

Furthermore, when cancelling an Incident the task it will do the following for the selected Incident:

  • Change Status to Resolved
  • Change Resolution category to Cancelled and set corresponding resolution text
  • Create appropriate Action Log entry

Please find the custom.js file below followed by the corresponding HTML definition. Have fun building your very own custom portal tasks!

Important Update: Since the below version of the script does not work properly anymore with Cireson Portal v6 and newer (‘actionLogModel.push()’ has unfortunately never really been a supported method, and stopped working), I recommend using the solution provided by Cireson consultant Nicholas Velich which can be downloaded from Cireson Community

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