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Setup Apple Time Machine network drive with Samba on Ubuntu 22.04

During christmas vacations I added a Time Machine network drive for the backup of my MacBook to my Ubuntu 22.04 based home server. For this you will need samba and avahi-daemon packages. Basically Samba shares the network drive and avahi makes it work with apple devices by implementing Apple’s Zeroconf architecture (also known as “Rendezvous” or “Bonjour”). Finding the right samba configuration took me a while, but with the approach below the network drive automatically showed up in the Time Machine settings and I was able to add it as a Time Machine backup location on my MacBook running MacOS Ventura.…
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About Microsoft Azure datacenters in Switzerland

This post should serve as an overview on all things related to Microsoft datacenters in Switzerland. Microsoft announced that they will expand its cloud services to Switzerland in 2019 by adding two cloud regions located in the cantons of Geneva and Zurich. Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 will be delivered from Switzerland. Sources say that Microsoft is building its Swiss cloud services with e-shelter for Zurich region and Safe Host for Geneva region (which is actually most probably in the canton of Vaud, as the Safe Host Datacenter in Gland is much bigger and newer than the one in Geneva).…
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Testing Azure infrastructure with Chef Inspec

There are lot of discussions going on about how a company can make sure that their infrastructure running in the cloud is and stays compliant. Being compliant in cloud environments can be a challenge. The boundary between infrastructure and application responsibilities is becoming increasingly blurred. DevOps teams distribute both infrastructure and application code and are also responsible for application security. In order to ensure that the infrastructure in the cloud is compliant with the specifications of the respective company, it must be continuously checked and tested.…
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