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Dedicated virtual machine instances on Azure

Azure isolated virtual machine instances are isolated to a specific hardware type and dedicated to a single customer. When utilizing an isolated size Azure guarantees that your virtual machine will be the only one running on that specific server instance. Unfortunately Azure does not (yet) offer a broad variety of dedicated (or isolated how it is called in Azure jargon) virtual machine instances. At time of writing customers can only choose of seven different sizes when they want to use isolated virtual machines.…
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Migrate existing Azure pay as you go subscriptions to Enterprise Agreement

There will be a point in time where you have to migrate an existing Azure pay as you go (PAYG) subscription to your Enteprise Agreement. Imagine your company bought a small and innovative startup which is working with Azure. However they did not have an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft yet and are paying their Azure bills by credit card. Not what you want in an enterprise environment. Basically there are two options how you can integrate PAYG subscriptions into an existing Enterprise Agreement.…
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Create budget for Azure resource group and get notified in case of overspending

Azure (or any other cloud) customers normally are very interested in how much money a given project or application is burning. Microsoft provides multiple instruments to manage cost including Azure Cost Management (powered by Cloudyn). Azure Cost Management can help you to manage cost for your Azure and other cloud environments by providing you the tools to monitor, allocate, and optimize your cloud costs. For example, Cloudyn helps you manage budgets at a workload level and monitoring the spend on cloud services.…
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