New User Group: Experts Live Café - Microsoft IT Pro Switzerland

Posted on Feb 6, 2017

Together with my buddy Stefan Roth I will be organizing a new user group called _Experts Live Café - Microsoft IT Pro Switzerland. _The user group will be part of the Experts Live network which is known for its famous Experts Live events.

Experts Live Café Logo

So what is the idea behind the Experts Live Café? Basically it is all about community members getting together and sharing know-how, socializing, networking and of course having a good time. But because the event is part of the Experts Live network, there will be some interesting news and concepts behind this whole Café story in the near future.

It is planned to have two sessions organized per event. Anyone who has anything interesting to share is invited to have a session. Let us know by submitting your session idea on the newly released user group website.

The first event takes place at Welle7 in Bern, Switzerland on April 7th from 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm. There will be a session about a Windows 10 rollout at a big Swiss insurance company. There will be a second session which is not yet defined though.

If you are interested, register for the event on our Meetup site. Thanks to Microsoft there will be snacks and drinks for everyone :-)

For more details about Experts Live Café - Microsoft IT Pro Switzerland check our website and follow us on Twitter . Hope to see you there!