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Circuits, Peerings, Pricing, Latency... All you need to know about Azure ExpressRoute

Since I was dealing with Azure ExpressRoute lately, I will try to summarize some important aspects in a blog post to provide kind of a high-level overview of Azure ExpressRoute. To get started, one should know that there are basically three options to connect on premise networks to Microsoft Azure: Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) Azure ExpressRoute Both internet and VPN connections may be suitable for you. When you are based in countries where good Internet connectivity is available (e.…
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Working with Azure CLI behind SSL intercepting proxy server

The Azure CLI is one of Azure’s command-line experiences for managing Azure resources (besides Azure PowerShell). Azure CLI is open source and built on Python. The cool thing about Azure CLI is that you can use it with pretty much all known platforms like macOS, Windows and Linux. This means you do not have to learn another command line tool for each platform. When working with Azure CLI on Linux in a corporate environment it might happen to you, that creating a VM fails with the following error message:…
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Why Microsoft Azure

Choosing a cloud provider sometimes seems like a marriage. The choice you make may (hopefully) be the right one for the rest of your life. Compared to choosing the right cloud provider, finding the right girl or boy pretty much seems like a piece of cake. Love at first sight. Boooom! No one - or the minority of people at least - seriously considers comparing features, revenue, testimonials or market share before asking him or her to tie the band of their life’s.…
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